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Developing a Fundraising Plan Webinar

The Developing a Fundraising Plan webinar teaches how to design a fundraising strategy and tackle the problems frequently found at each stage of the fundraising process. Hosted by George Ivey, a non-profit fundraising and project management consultant, the webinar is a helpful tool for those starting a new fundraising campaign or looking to reboot an existing campaign. Watch the free webinar online. To paraphrase that sagely advice from yesteryear: “No one plans to fail, they just fail to plan.” And the same applies to fundraising. Laying out a strong plan before you start a campaign helps to ensure the success of your organization’s efforts. Allay your fears and confusion as you learn the various aspects of a fundraising plan including goals, organizational assessment, timelines, fund diversification, identification of donors (and the “donor pyramid”) and evaluation. The webinar was originally recorded April 11, 2012.

About George Ivey:

George Ivey is a consultant and writer specializing in fundraising and project management. Most of George’s activities focus on conservation of public lands, farmlands and aquatic resources. Working as an independent contractor, George usually assists three to six clients at any one time, with projects ranging in length from a few weeks to many months. He has served as the Director of Development and North Carolina Office Director for Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Waynesville, North Carolina, and has worked as a fundraising and project management consultant since late 2005. Devoting most of his time to writing grant proposals and other major gift solicitations, George has helped raise millions of dollars to restore rivers, conserve wildlife, protect farmland, preserve historic buildings, improve trails and other recreation resources, promote science education and more. His project management work involves developing and/or implementing special projects related to fundraising and resource conservation, especially part-time and short-term projects for non-profit organizations and government agencies that do not have or want a relevant and permanent staff position.